Through Gita Classes

We are teaching Bhagwadgita through a course of one year duration.

Gita strivers attend Gita classes of 2 hours held once a week.

This course is conducted on very scientific basis, the curriculum is followed with method and regularity. After the completion of each chapter, assignments are distributed to the strivers to help check out their progress in understanding. Written examination on Gita is held in four stages.

The course is at present conducted on no-fee basis, however a nominal amount of Rs.850/- is charged at the time of registration for the entire course. In one or another way this fee is refunded to the strivers during or after the course.

On registration each striver receives study material worth Rs.350/- (one Bhagwadgita Bhavarth + 5 CDs sets). Subsequently those strivers whose class attendance is 75% or more and who clear (35% marks) even one stage exam (out of four stages) receive the remainder Rs.500/- of their money entrusted to us. In each stage exam at least three positions are awarded with attractive prizes.

Download Bhagwad Gita Brochure