Understand Bhagwadgita by listening

You can understand Bhagwadgita by listening to its recorded explanation on our audio-CDs. This set of two CDs contains the live recording of Bhagwadgita classes in the actual chapter-sequence as taught to the strivers over one year course. The 2 CDs set of 42 hours duration is attached here.

You can understand Bhagwadgita by listening to these CDs in three manners:

  1. You can listen to these CDs here on this website. For that pl click here.
  2. You can obtain the CDs from us. An order of minimum 4 sets having 8 CDs (costing Rs.200 + Rs.50/- courier charges within India) will be honoured by us.
  3. Another listening option is that we periodically post 4-5 shlokas of Bhagwadgita on audio-visual media which require only about 5 minutes of your time. For exercising this option please click here.

श्रीमद्भगवद्गीता भावार्थ की Audio CDs को खरीदें