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How to manage business with Bhagavad Gita

Bhagwad Gita is not a religious book. If human being is the creation of the almighty God as one of the life forms in Nature, Bhagwad Gita is the manual for humans to conduct themselves through their life, uttered as answers by Krishna to questions by Arjuna. And hence these philosophic words of Krishna, known as the Divine Song, contain within the eighteen chapters every aspect of conduct of life, leading to realization of the role of self (atma) in this infinite universe and the relationship of the self with the creator (paramatma).

Quoting from the Bhagwad Gita, Shri Bhupendra Tayal answers queries from Shri Veerendra Jaitley, both alumnus of IIT Kharagpur, on different aspects of modern day corporate, personal and family life, also clarifying several other queries raised by IITans who attended this Q and A session on ‘Bhagwad Gita’s Relevance in Business Management’

God is hungry for love

When God was getting bored being alone He created the universe. God created men for His own sake. The world might have been created for man’s benefit but man has been created for His own sake.

How do we know this?

How to quickly attain God?

The world is perishable and God is eternal. By establishing a relationship with the world one repeatedly suffers miseries whereas by building a relationship with God one remains in a state of bliss, where there is not an iota of sorrow. Dependence on the world is perishable and dependence on God is everlasting.

We have been hearing such things from saints and other great people, we also read such things in vedas and Puranas and also believe in them but even after believing such truths our miseries do not come to an end.

Why do we worship statue?

There is one big question in Hindu Culture that comes to mind Why do we worship statue? According to our eternal Vedic Principles, devotees do not worship the statues, instead, they worship only God. That is to say that they erect a statue of their God and worship the God in that statue and thus keep remembering and meditating upon God.

Why do most people not read or understand Bhagavad Gita?

Why do most people not read or understand Bhagavad Gita? There are three main reasons for it.
First, there is very little promotion of Bhagavad Gita in society. Second, people do not..

Why does the god needs devotion

No one wants death, but it is approaching every moment. We are losing 900 breaths per hour, 21600 breaths every day. We must pay attention to this. Breaths are being spent but what are we earning? What are we happy about?

How to attain God

Moh or attraction/love towards material things is the biggest source of dissatisfaction amongst most of us. In chapter 2 of Bhagavad Gita, Shri Krishna gave Arjuna the key to control your affection towards things and follow the path of virtue. Read this blog to know more about it.

The Art of Living

The Bhagavad Gita teaches us the art of living a successful life. From the teachings of Lord Krishna we would get to know how do we behave and perform actions in the practical life in both favorable and unfavorable conditions so that so that we get rid of anxiety, stress miseries, fear and other disorders.

The secret science of Karma Yoga

Karma yoga and Gita, is a unique gift to the whole world and to the human beings by which a creature can cause benefit to himself, his family, society and the entire world.

Karma Yoga is that secret science, which Lord Krishna has described in Srimad BhagavadGita.

How to make correct Decisions in Life According to Bhagavad Gita?

We have to make Decisions at every point of life. Whether it is choosing the right color of clothes to…

What does Bhagwat Gita say about Luck?

Luck, yes for a few of us it is the magic word, but does anyone notices how this magic works…

What is Karma Yoga according to Bhagavad Gita?

यस्त्विन्द्रियाणि मनसा नियम्यारभतेऽर्जुन । कर्मेन्द्रियैः कर्मयोगमसक्तः स विशिष्यते ॥ Signification: – On the other hand, he is controlling the organs…

What are the benefits of reading Bhagavad Gita?

Krishna gives assurance that He will save us from the effects of all sinful reactions: Aham Tvam Sarva Papebhyo Mokshayishyami….

How to Treat your enemies, according to the Bhagavad Gita?

Enemies- have you ever noticed the pronunciation of this word? The first letter of this word is Silent “E”. Who…

How do I lead my life according to the Bhagavad Gita in the current world?

Life is like a maze, where we have to find the easiest way to achieve the target and most important…

5 verses of Bhagavad Gita Give Solution For ‘Every’ Problem In The World

  We all have heard about the famous quote “For every Problem there is a solution” and we just need…

How Bhagavad Gita has Influenced Famous Personalities across the Globe?

It’s nothing unexpected that the intelligence of the Bhagavad Gita has enlivened endless individuals all through history. All things considered,…

Karmas According to Bhagavad Gita

“What goes around comes around.” You might have heard this more than often, but do you believe it? Is it…

Bhagavad Gita on Past Sins and its Punishment in Present Life.

It is often said that one cannot escape from the consequences that he has created by bad karma. The suffering…

How is faith defined in Bhagwat Geeta?

If we take a deeper look at the teachings given in the holy book Bhagwat Geeta, then it defines faith…

Principles of Bhagavad Gita that can change your Entire Life !

The Bhagavad Gita is basically an elongated discussion that took place between Lord Krishna and Arjun just before the inception…


You all know that human birth is very very precious and very hard to get. Why is it so precious?

Because it is only in this human life that the soul could attain eternal bliss. Not only this a human being can also attain that state where there is ever- increasing bliss. This state can only be achieved through devotional service to God.

Further to attain human life in “Kalyuga” is even more fortunate. The reason is that human life is very short in Kalyuga, the average age span of a human being is only 100 years. Hence a man has to lead a spiritual life for a very short period in Kaliyuga. Additionally one attains spiritual knowledge and abstinence in Kaliyuga merely by engaging in devotional service. That’s why even the devtas (demigods) also crave to be born in human life in Kaliyuga.

Lord Krishna, out of His causeless grace has not only given all of us human life but has given that in Kaliyuga. Great saint Tulsidas has also said that this human form has been given to us by God not because of our own efforts but simply out of His causeless benevolence.  Hence without wasting a single moment we should get engaged in devotional service to God, so that we may attain our life’s goal before the body dies. Now how do we attain the life’s goal?

Shrimadbhagwad Gita is the transcendental word or song of Lord Krishna, hence none of the scriptures can be compared with it. Shri Krishna has also stated in Shrimad Bhagwatam that the spirit in human life can attain its goal (and thus reach spiritual fulfilment) only by the methods preached by Him in Bhagwad Gita. He has further stated that there is no other method, other than the ones preached by Him, to make the human life successful.



Lord Jagannath Charitable Trust is presently engaged in teaching Bhagwadgita in weekly classes in 22 centres spread over Jaipur. Apart from Jaipur the classes are conducted in other cities also like Ahmedabad, Kanpur, Ajmer, Sawaimadhopur, Bauli and Gurgaon etc. In these classes Gita is explained in a scientific way. This collective study of Krishna’s divine message has a unique effect on strivers.

In order to check the progress of strivers in their understanding of Bhagwadgita, written examinations are conducted in four stages. First three stages are each based on 6 chapters (of Gita’s total 18 chapters) and the fourth and final stage is based on the entire Bhagwadgita. Three ranks are awarded in each of the first three stage examinations. The winners receive a copy of Shrimadbhagwatam in addition to cash prizes (Rs.5000/-, Rs2000/- and Rs.500/- respectively). Awards of 4th stage exam are as follows (in addition to copy of ShrimadBhagwatam):

1st Winner    Char Dham (Four holiest places) tour with three family members (upto estimated cost of Rs.1.40 Lacs)

2nd Winner   Jagannath-Puri and Mayapur tour with 2 family members (upto estimated cost of Rs.30,000)

3rd Winner   Either Jagannathpuri or Mayapur tour with 1 family member (upto estimated cost of Rs.15,000)

4th Winner    Dwarkadham tour with 1 family member (upto estimated cost of Rs.8,000)

5th Winner    Vrindavan tour with 1 family member (upto estimated cost of Rs.5,000)

Additional Prizes

1.  Vrindavan tour for all 3 winners of first 3 stages.

2 .  Certificate to all strivers obtaining 35% or above marks in any one stage.


Points to remember

  1. Every striver before joining the course will be required to fill in a Registration form. A consolidated fee of Rs.1000/- will be charged for the entire one-year course. A discount of 25% will be given if three or more members of a single family register themselves for the same year
  2. Dates and time of the examinations will be conveyed later to all strivers.
  3. The acceptance of Registration Forms will be decided at the discretion of the organizing committee. Forms which are not accepted will be returned along with Registration fee.
  4. In fourth and final examination 40% weightage will be given to marks obtained in previous 3 stage examinations.
  5. 1st Winner of Fouth stage examination will be required to obtain minimum of 80% marks. Those whose marks are between 75% and 79.5% will receive 75% cost of the tour. If the marks are between 65% and 74.5% , only 50% cost of the tour will be borne by the Trust.

For information regarding Registration Form or any other matter, contact following members:

B.N.Agarwal              B. Tayal                 Manu Tayal           Santosh Gupta

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