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Free Consultation to problems through Bhagavad Gita

Gita is the solution to all the problems. We just need to know. If you have any such problem, then you can tell by writing here. Based on the Gita we will tell you the solution to that problem.

Problems, difficulties, anxieties are a part of life; whatever may be our class or caste, our age or our occupation, we all have to face some problem or other. We are all challenged by circumstances which involve difficult decisions. Moreover, it often happens that we find it difficult to open our mind even to the closest of our family members, colleagues, relatives or friends. And when we cannot express our difficulties, how can we ever hope to find solutions for them?

Does this mean that there is no solution for those problems which rob us of our peace of mind? Or is there somewhere a friend who loves us beyond belief, who is capable of understanding all our problems and who has all the solutions?

So why not try and find the solutions to our problems in that beloved friend’s system (Shri Krishna’s system) embodied in Bhagwadgita? Bhagwadgita is that divine fount of wisdom which acts as a solace for every sorrow, suffering or indecision. The only condition is unwavering faith in the unique wisdom of Krishna’s words.

Through our website “Gita Sanjeevani” you can write your problems directly to us and promptly receive their solutions based on Gita. Your identity will remain secret and safe. With the solutions based upon Gita, you will find yourself new enthusiasm and energy.

You can write any problem here, whether it is professional, family-related or any other. This is a golden opportunity for you to bring about a basic change in your thoughts, your feelings, your attitudes and your life.

Hare Krishna!

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