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How to make correct Decisions in Life According to Bhagavad Gita?

How to make correct decisions in life accourding to gita correct decision
We have to make Decisions at every point of life. Whether it is choosing the right color of clothes to investing in right business. Decisions are of two types reversible and irreversible. Some decisions can be altered according to the situation but some are impossible to change. In life, we face the situation where we can’t decide whether a decision is reversible or not. Bhagavad Gita is said to have all the answers to the questions of life. Bhagavad Gita is Krishna’s words and concepts which are meant to uplift human kind and lifestyle. During the 2 hour conversation between Arjuna and Krishna, Krishna said many things which can help you to take right decisions in life when we are struck between the right and wrong. Here we are going to tell you about some major points from the Bhagavad Gita  which will help you to take better decisions in life:

Avoid decisions on the basis of your feelings because feelings are temporary.

better decisionsLife is full of feelings, it usually revolve around the decisions about our closed ones with whom we are attached with emotions and feelings same was the situation for the Arjuna in kurukshetra as he was scared to loose his cousins and teachers in the war but being the ‘GURU’ the Lord Krishna explained him not to take the decisions according to the feelings. Lord Krishna guided him in the kurukshetra and motivated him to take better decisions.

Avoid the decisions when in EXTREME EMOTIONS

better decisionsThe decisions should not be taken at the time when you are the happiest or sad as they are the time when your mind is not stable and reacts differently. The decision taken at the time of extreme happiness tends to be always in the ‘YES’ form and the decision taken in the extreme time of sadness will be in the form of ‘NO’ so you should avoid taking decisions in these situations. The best time to make a decision is when your mind is stable and away from extreme emotions.

Ask yourself “Am I taking this decision in anger or attachment?”

Decisions are the most critical things which form the basis of our life. A person should always take a decision unbiased of his relatives and feelings. The decision should not be based on any attachment to the related person, it will mislead us to take the right decision. Our elders have always taught us not to take decisions in “ANGER’ because decision taken in ‘ANGER’ is always regretful.

 You should not focus only on the RESULTS

The results are the last step in the process of decision making, so why start thinking about them in the first place. The Bhagavad Gita teaches us the value of “NISHKAMA KARMA” which means that we should only focus on our karma (deeds) without thinking about the result of it. People usually drop any decision just because the result is slow as a person starts jogging in the morning to lose weight but drops after few days because the result takes so much of time. The result has its own time to come according to our hard work and dedication.

Whatever is done without faith, Is USELESS

We should always have faith and believe in our ‘KARMA’ and ‘DECISIONS’. Lord Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita teaches us to believe in ourselves and keep doing our Karma. We can’t achieve anything in our life if we don’t have belief in ourselves. The strength and focus to stay on our decisions are through this power called ‘faith’. Just keep the faith in you & lord and take realistic decisions.

Keep your goals high

Our decisions are always in the shadow of our elders or the idol we follow. The values and teachings of the lord and great men always inspire us to take the right decision. As it is said, ‘whatever work great men performs, common men, follow’. You should keep your goals high that set a standard for yourself also. The goals easily achieved are not the goals for life.

Decision good for society is good for You

All the decisions of our life always have consequences for others also. The decision which is good for you may not be as good as for your society. There are different results on different people of your decisions and deeds so you should not harm others with your decision. We should believe that the decision that is good for the society is good for you.

Trust in the lord

The Bhagavad Gita has especially mentioned the ‘BHAKTI-YOGA’ which tell us about the importance of devotion towards the lord. We should always thank our lord for the things we have and should always trust the lord. The lord always helps us in one or the other way to make the better decisions.

Right counseling lead to better decisions

better decisionsEveryone needs some help at some point of time to make better decisions, even being so wise and intelligent ARJUNA also required some help in the war so the Lord Krishna helped him in his difficult times. We always have someone in our life who can help us in our decisions be it our friends, teachers or parents. These were some key points said by Lord Krishna from which we can drive to right decisions and achieve success and heights in our life. Although it is not it, our life is full of multiple paths and turning points. I suggest you read Bhagavad Gita for guidance. If you do not have time to go through whole Bhagavad Gita, go through its Bhavarth version. You can purchase Bhagavad Gita Bhavarth book to read it in summarized manner and take the right decisions. Hare Krishna.

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