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Bhagwadgita Bhavarth – The Song of the Blue Wizard

Srimadbhagwadgita Bhavarth – The Song of the Blue Wizard

“The SONG OF THE BLUE WIZARD” is an attempt to render into English the timeless wisdom of Krishna’s incredible message to mankind contained in Srimadbhagawadgita Bhavarth, the highly popular textbook of Lord Jagannath Charitable Trust which has been running 1-year Gita Course in multiple centers in Jaipur for last 13 years.

The word “Bhavarth” means émotional, implied or deeper meaning of a line or couplet of verse.

“Bhagwadgita Bhavarth” means the explication, interpretation, illumination and commentary on the 700 shlokas of Gita.

Gita is the only book worldwide in which God Himself is talking to a mortal, Arjun, about the purpose of human life and the effectual attitudes, use of discriminative intellect, the three pathways leading to fulfilment of life’s ultimate objective, joy, peace and blessedness forever in heightened awareness of Krishna.

“Bhagwadgita Bhavarth” is the Hindi textbook written by Krishnabhakt Sriman Bhupendra Tayal (B. Tech. and M.Tech., IIT Khadagpur) to give wings to his vision of spreading Krishna’s message among as many strivers as possible. Thousands of Gita lovers have benefited from it over last 13 years.

It was at Guruji’s express command that the author Manu Tayal shouldered the responsibility of writing an English version of his immensely popular work, “Bhagwadgita Bhavarth”.

The success of Guruji’s Gita Course continuously conducted for 12 years in Jaipur and other Hindi-speaking cities had been phenomenal, but, with the grace and inspiration of Krishna, his vision could not be confined to that limited area. He wanted Krishna’s message to reach residents of English- speaking areas in Bengal and South India, to be accessible to young people everywhere whose preferred language was English and to countries across the globe where there were English-speaking, reading and writing communities and individuals.

The work was so engrossing and Krishna’s grace absorbed her so lovingly in the process that it became a work not of translation alone but often re-writing. Guruji, her direct inspiration, was with her and even involved himself personally with the original editing in spite of his impassioned prachar work.

After recovering from the shock of his leaving this world during Covid 2, in April 2021, the author took up the work nearest her heart and finally now the English version of Bhagwadgita is presented by Lord Jagannath Charitable Trust for all of you Gita Lovers.

As you read these pages, you will find your doubts, conflicts, confusions and delusions melting away under the loving guidance of Krishna, the Supreme Lord who alone can confer heightened perception, revealed meaning and crystal clear wisdom on us, leading us mortals to light, joy and peace forever.

And the beloved Lord Krishna gave His incomparable Life Lessons not in the form of a sermon, but binding them in Sanskrit verses of incredible power and beauty, sang them out in joyous strength and sweetness.

That is why this book of His Teachings is called “Gita” (Song) and that is the reason for the title of the English version— “The Song of the Blue Wizard“.


About the Author

Born in a family of educationists with parents as well as grandparents, uncles and aunts on the maternal and paternal side in academia, Manu Gangal, from a very early age, took to reading like a fish to water. The formidable collection of books built up by her father, himself an avid reader, came in handy for the little girl who spent most other time immersed in books.

Manu’s early education was in convent schools across Rajasthan before she moved to Delhi to pursue graduation in English (Honours) from Miranda House.

This was followed by post-graduation in English from University of Rajasthan and M. Lit. from the prestigious Central Institute of English and Foreign Languages at Hyderabad.

As would be expected, my sister Manu followed in her parents’ footsteps and took up teaching as a career and taught English to graduate and post-graduate students for over two decades at a number of colleges in Delhi, Himachal and Rajasthan. At the same time, she continued with her love for poetry, literature and painting while putting pen to paper and brush to canvas.

Towards the latter part of her teaching career the author, always a keen Krishna devotee despite her upbringing in an Arya Samaji family, was drawn closer to Krishna and His teachings thanks to her husband’s total dedication to the Bhagwadgita.

Her husband, Sri Bhupendra Tayal, known to Gita – lovers across India as Guruji or Tayal Sir, was a B.Tech and M. Tech from IIT Kharagpur.

At the age of 48, he came under the spell of Krishna’s life lessons in Srimadbhagwadgita and plunged into designing and conducting courses and workshops to propagate the teachings of Lord Krishna.

As part of his mission to disseminate the universal truth, straight from the mouth of Lord Krishna, Sriman Bhupendra Tayal involved his wife Manu in the Gita programme from day one of his thrilling spiritual journey. She used to teach English literature to college students; now she flung herself into every job assigned to her by Guruji.

In every activity she asked herself– “Is this the very best I can do? Will Krishna be pleased by this?”

She enrolled herself in BT’s class and has now been teaching the word of Krishna for 7 years. BT devised a 1-year Gita Course and, as its textbook, brought out an easy-to-understand Bhavarth of the Srimadbhagwadgita in Hindi. The book was an instant hit and sold over 10,000 copies.

The immense popularity of the Hindi edition inspired Guruji to consider an English version for widening the reach and the result of over 3 years of selfless work has culminated in this fragrant offering at the Lotus Feet of Sri Krishna — The Bhagwadgita Bhavarth in English, “The Song of the Blue Wizard”.

– Vineet Gangal 

क्या आप जानना चाहते हैं की भगवद्गीता को समझने से कैसे आपका जीवन बदल सकता है ?

Book Reviews

This is a pic of Sri Mahendra Agarwal, IFS, Chief Forest Officer, Rajasthan Cadre. He did our Online Gita Course from Bhupendra Tayal Sir’s class in 2021. Read his review of “The Song of the Blue Wizard”.

I got a copy of the book ‘The Song of the blue Wizard’ which is a translation of our popular book ‘Shrimad Bhagwat Gita Bhavarth’ into English. I went through the initial pages of the book. The language of the book is very lucid and flows like a wave of calm waters. It is interesting and easy to understand. It is possible only by a person having deep understanding of English Literature. It is really a joy to read this book. The content of the book is excellent because it is basically the translation of the original book ‘ Geeta Bhavarth’ that we all know well. The soul of ‘ Srimad Bhagwat Geeta’ and message of lord Krishna is kept intact in ‘ The Song of the Blue Wizard’.
Even after such an excellent work Madam Tayal says ‘ all the good things you find in the book are of lord Krishna and all the shortcomings and the faults you may find in the book are due to me’. this is the great humbleness of Madam Tayal.
I bow before our Guru Madam Manu Tayal Ji and salute her for accomplishing this great task despite several hurdles. No doubt lord Krishna has given her all the strength to make it happen.
I appeal to all the English Knowing sadhakas to get a copy of this book and be graced with its message AND also to recommend to your near and dear ones to get this book because after all it is the work of lord Krishna which is very dear to him.

Mr Gagandeep Ojha is a Geeta sadhak currently pursuing our Online Gita Course from Manu Mam’s Class. He is a senior executive into Corporate Management. In spite of his hectic schedule, he attends regularly and is involved In devotional activities. Hear what he has to say about “The Song of the Blue Wizard”.

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