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God is hungry for love

Hare Krishna !!

It is said in upnishads –“You can’t enjoy being alone.”  

The purpose of saying this is – when God was getting bored being alone He created the universe. “I alone should get transformed in multiple bodies” -with this thought God created men for His own sake. The world might have been created for man’s benefit but man has been created for His own sake.

How do we know this? 

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God has empowered human beings to attain true knowledge and get liberated or become a devotee or get involved in serving the world or serve God Himself.

He can fulfill the need of the world and also satisfy the hunger of God Himself- such exemplary capacity that God has given to Man. He has not given this power to anyone else, not even to other gods (devtas).

What is God hungry for?

God has a craving for love. Love is so unique and magical element that everyone needs it.

Attachment is one thing and love is another. When we have an affection for someone for our own purpose that is attachment.

From attachment desire and lust are born, which leads us towards hell. Where the intention is to give happiness to others that are called love.

The attitude in attachment is to gain whereas in love the attitude is to give. Only the man has been granted the capacity to give happiness to others.

God has given man so much of power that he (man) can help the entire world and also cause his own salvation.

Not only this, but man can also fulfill the need of God, he could become the mother-father of God, become His (God’s) Guru, also become His friend, and even become the object of worship of God.   

When a child gets separated, the parents want the child to come back to them, similarly, the living being has been separated from God, thus God wants the living being to come to Him!


Only the human being can satisfy this hunger of God. Man can only love God. It is indeed surprising that man keeps getting miseries despite having such great power.

A man should think- how much heights can I gain? I could even become a jewel in God’s crown. Please pay attention to this fact- what a unique thing is it?

All the pure devotees have been in human form only and they have been of such a high caliber that even God respects them. Man regards respect from the world to be a great thing, but God also respects His devotees- is it not a unique thing to ponder over?

God becomes the charioteer!

God becomes a servant!

God collects the remains of your food!

God takes the hard work upon Him!

As a mother becomes happy in bringing-up the child similarly God feels pleasure in working for His devotees. 

God has a natural affection for His devotees. If there is a slight smell of cow dung or urine in the fodder the cow would not eat that fodder, but the same cow licks her newly born calf and cleans him. In fact, the cow does not lick the calf to clean him, she actually gets pleasure in licking the calf. This deriving of pleasure by the cow is established by the fact that if you clean the calf by washing it cow gives lesser milk but if the calf is cleaned by the cow’s licking its body cow produces a greater quantity of milk. The tongue of a cow is so hard that as the cows keep licking the calf blood oozes out of him (calf) but the cow doesn’t stop licking him, because she is deriving pleasure out of it. In that affection for the calf, the cow forgets everything else.

“Vats” refers to the calf and the affection derived from the love of calf is called “vatslya prem”.

God derives pleasure in serving His devotee. Man can satisfy the need of God-he has that great capacity in him. But he runs door to door for want of meager pieces, wealth, and for pleasure.

O God forbid! Where have you gone! Being capable to give pleasure even to God you have gone astray to get happiness for yourself and crave for that!

God accepts defamation also for the sake of His devotee, accepts scorn, accepts insult also! God has placed His devotee on a very high pedestal.

He says,” I am the servant of devotees and the devotees are the jewels in My crown.”

Every day nine lacs cows were milked at Nandbaba’s place, but Krishna had so much love for Gopis that when they would say,” Lala, if you dance we would give you buttermilk in return” and Krishna would dance for that buttermilk.

God finds love in one’s heart to be very sweet. Having no desire from God, devotees thought is—God should appear lovable and sweet. This is pure love, that is liked by both i.e. devotees get happiness from God and God from devotees. God and devotees derive pleasure from seeing each other. Having such a great capacity man is regarding himself as poor, finding himself lacking things. What a great surprise!

Why doesn’t he awaken and think –where do I belong to and what am I doing? 

What a great harm is he causing to himself by hankering after meager things!

By resorting to falsehood, cheating, and fraud he is preparing to go great hells. The precious time at his disposal in which he can realize God he is just wasting it. What a shame!

Even now you can turn towards God! Stop regarding the activities of the world to be our own start treating them to be the activities of God, this much would be sufficient for God to be pleased.

Hare Krishna !! 

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