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How do I lead my life according to the Bhagavad Gita in the current world?


Life is like a maze, where we have to find the easiest way to achieve the target and most important without getting stuck or trapped anywhere? But what if we get stuck? what if we can’t find the way? what if we can’t detect the destination and many such questions arise in our mind.

In every stage of our life, we can’t tell others to hold our hand and guide us or to find the path for us. We have to continue our journey alone- after all “An individual comes on earth alone as well as goes from earth also alone”.

At the time where we are trapped or unable to decide what to do that moment only God and his teachings can show us the correct path.

The life of an individual in the 21st century has become puzzled as we don’t have time to read and understand holy books like Gita and listen to spiritual lectures. Nowadays we visit a temple as a picnic or pastime or to remind God that if you fulfill my this wish, I will give you XYZ… amount as a donation to your temple and we try to make some advance too so that in an expected time He fulfills our wish.

But the fact is that to solve this puzzle and simplify life we need to understand teachings of God. The world’s oldest scared guidance book helps in it. Yes, it’s Bhagwad Gita, the holy spiritual book of Hindus, which is all over known for its teachings to sustain the existence of life.

The teachings of Lord Krishna, which he explains to Arjuna at the time of Mahabharata in Bhagwad Gita are remarkable. Lord Krishan has trained Arjun by his teachings to encounter and resolve ambiguities, uncertainties, worries and distractions of life. These teachings are so unique that in the era of  Mahabharata they guided Arjuna and even in the 21st century, they can undertake the complications of life.

  • Keep your mind relaxed at the time of taking any decision. Set high ideals
  • Nishkam Karma is doing karma and good deeds without expectations.
  • Equality is being impartial, whether they are your colleagues, friends, opponents, haters, relatives, saints, and sinners.
  • Transformation is ready to face any situation, don’t panic.
  • Faith is whatever you do, do it with full faith, even when it is a sacrifice.
  • Practicality is to follow your Dharma without any show-off.
  • Remember that God is everywhere- in your heart also; so don’t cheat and lie to anyone.

We should constantly live in our present and never hold the pains of past or arise in the future and perform our duty with best intentions and faith in God because feeling pain in the problems and stresses won’t make any quick fix. Teachings of Bhagwad Gita can’t be outlined in a blog.

You just Follow your Dharma and Karma properly with Niskham Bhaav and leave everything to Him (Lord or God).

If you want to read Bhagavad Gita in short, you can read Bhagavad Gita Bhavarth book for simplified and summary version of all the Shlokas.

Hare Krishna


Wish to Understand Bhagavad gita and how it can change your life?

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