How is faith defined in Bhagwat Geeta?

If we take a deeper look at the teachings given in the holy book Bhagwat Geeta, then it defines faith as confidence or trust in a particular system or religious beliefs on some perceived degree of warrant. The best part is our faith controls our nature. All that we believe in comes from faith. If we don’t have faith, then our life will become full of confusions. By having faith in any kind of supernatural thing, we make sure that in the situation of extremely chaos and confusion, we have someone to turn to.

Faith-according-to-gitaThe power or the religion in which we have put in our trust may not have a solution to all our issues, but at least we do not feel alone and abandoned in any circumstance. Some of you may still not be convinced and feel that why do we need faith at all? Well, according to Bhagwat Geeta, Lord Krishna said that “ Those who are not faithful in this devotional service cannot attain Me, O conqueror of enemies. Therefore they return to the path of birth and death in this material world.”

Also, this holy book describes that there are three degrees of faith. The lowest form of faith gives enough to associate the devotees to the ultimate power but is not enough on scriptural knowledge. The second type is comparatively firmer, and we may not be well-versed in scripture, then to we believe in the teachings given there. Coming on to third degree, a devotee with the highest degree of faith has firm conviction along with firm knowledge of the scriptures.

If we connect faith with enthusiasm and confidence, we can say that it flourishes energy within us without which we may feel dull. Our disgrace of commitment will become low. It is believed that the more energy our faith has, the more chances are there for its progress. We are not intrigued just in ostensible conviction, as though our confidence were a sincere belief with little pertinence to our lives. We need consuming conviction to keep ourselves going because we cannot live without faith!

Faith is when you are not forced into anything yet your mind and body ask you to continue the same without fail. We never trust anyone easily, and once we have got a faith in something, we should hold on to it. Lord Krishna patiently answered the queries of Arjuna, but he never forced him to follow as he said. He left the final decision to him so that he can proceed as he wished! If he would have forced him or made him scared of the things, there are fair chances that Arjuna would not have followed anything he said.

When we have faith and believe in things, then it is no longer an uphill task to feel a connection with almighty God who is continuously trying to guide us in our dilemma! We hope that your faith stays strong and you find the answers you seek without any hassle!

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