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What does Bhagwat Gita say about Luck?

Luck, yes for a few of us it is the magic word, but does anyone notices how this magic works or it will be better to ask that, is there anyone to claim that he/she has seen the magic behind this word? Wishing best of luck, all the Best is quite prevalent when we leave for some positive plan. But just by wishing someone, can we escape from the unexpected or wait for a miracle to happen? What bhagwad gita about luckWe all directly or indirectly deal with the situation where occasionally we gave credit to our good luck and sometimes blamed our luck and titled it as bad luck. For instance, if some unexpected task gets completed, we say that my luck is good, that’s why this unexpected thing happened and vice-a-verse if something bad results, we say, Oh my God, I really have a bad luck that’s why this misfortune arose,  and in a depressing way we repeat it is all about the game of Bhagya, Kismet, Fate. No, it’s not. It’s all about karma. Then what is luck? How is it different from destiny? How should we handle change bad luck into good luck? Many such questions occasionally emerge in our mind, but we draw a blank; we don’t have any answer to them. We seek answers to our queries in Google. All these queries have been elegantly and in layman language defined and explained in the spiritual, holy book, which is all over known as ‘life’s user manual’ detailing the successful way for living life. Yes, I am talking about “Bhagwat Gita”. This is not simply a divine book but teaches us the pathway to manage life and karma. It has illustrated conversation of Lord Krishna and Arjun. Now getting to the topic, let us read what does Lord Krishna say about luck in Bhagwat Gita? Lord Krishna affirms that “Luck is individuals (human) command over their activities and these activities are his karma”. Karma is crucial, and that’s what is in our control, we should continue doing karma no matter what the result is. Human effort is karma and luck is all about karma- they are two sides of the same coin. Since childhood, we have been trained that “What you sow is what you reap”, and this is the karma. This karma will alone create your luck, good or bad. We should just concentrate on the ideal approach of performing correct deeds without expecting fruitful selfish results. Luck is not all about wait and watches game; we need efforts for it and this Karma will aid and educate us on how to tackle selfless intentions. Every Karma has a consequential Fruit related to it. Every individual has to enjoy the fruits of “Karma”, whether it’s sweet, sour or bitter. Karma done by a person remains with that person until s/he has enjoyed the fruit of that Karma. We all know about the saying, “Man is the creator of his own luck.” The individual is rumored that one is lucky… but Lord Krishna says, “None is lucky”. It is merely the fruits of individual’s Karma, and we can’t deny him to take the fruit of karma. Karma is like the feedback of what you have done. Isn’t it beautiful the way it is explained in Bhagwat Gita by Lord Krishna? So let’s all do Good Karmas without waiting for the magical word to show its magic. After all “ luck favors the best” and to become best we have to prove ourselves by doing good efforts and karmas. Hare Krishna

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