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Why do we worship statue?

Hare Krishna !!

There is one big question in Hindu Culture that comes to mind:

Why do we worship statue?


According to our eternal Vedic Principles devotees do not worship the statues, instead they worship only the God. That is to say that they erect a statue of their God and worship the God in that statue and thus keep remembering and meditating upon  the God.

If they were worshipping the statue then the worshipper would be internally thinking of that statue built of stone, “ that you have been mined out of that mountain cliff, such and such person has carved you and that other person has placed you here; hence God of stone! kindly shower upon me Your benevolence. But nobody prays in this manner, then how can you call it as worshipping statue?

Hence the devotees do not worship the statue, they worship God in that statue i.e they eradicate an attitude of stone in that statue and instead have an attitude of God in it. Worshipping God in this manner they develop an attitude of worshipping God everywhere. Devotional service begins from worshipping God.

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In respect of worshipping statue Krishna states in Gita,

My devotees with their mind engrossed in Me, prostrating befor Me worship Me (9.14), that devotee who offers Me with faith and love a leaf, flower, fruit or water, I eat his offering (9.26).

If there was no statue in front whom would he offer leaf, flower, fruit etc and in front of whom would he prostrate? This proves that Gita has talked of worshipping the statue.


Similarly worshipping cow, tulsi, Brahmin, realized soul, king of mountain Govardhan, Ganges and Yamuna etc are all worship of God. Worshipping them makes us easily realize that God is there everywhere. Hence to experience presence of God everywhere worship of cow etc is very helpful, because the worshipper has begun to believe that God is there everywhere. Thus worshipping God in the statue is a means to realize God.

Instead of worshipping God decorating body (made of flesh and bones) with beautiful clothes and ornaments, constructing palatial house and decorating it with beautiful materials etc is nothing but worshipping statue, which leads to our downfall.

Hare Krishna !! 

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