Understand Bhagwadgita by Reading

By reading the book “Bhagwadgita Bhavarth” you can easily understand Bhagwadgita. This book contains the quintessential teaching of Bhagwadgita as explained by Krishna-realized saint and scholar Swami Ramsukhdasji in his immortal Gita commentary “Sadhak Sanjeevani”. “Bhagwadgita bhavarth” in Hindi is attached herewith.

You can understand Bhagwadgita Bhavarth by reading it in two ways-

  1. If you wish you can read it on Gita Sanjeevani website or download it and read at your convenience.
  2. Otherwise, you can understand Bhagwadgita by reading our video postings (on alternate day) on Facebook. Each posring contains explication of one or two shlokas only, requiring a reading time of 3-5 minutes only. The postings are often accompanied by images to enhance understanding. To go to our Gita Sanjeevani Facebook page, click here.