How to understand Bhagwadgita?

Here on our website “Gita Sanjeevani” you can understand the meaning of Krishna’s song in an easy and simple way. On this website we are making available to you various media through which you can arrive at a clear and distinct understanding of Bhagwadgita. Three major media are mentioned below-

1. By reading the book “Bhagwadgita Bhavarth”

you can easily understand Bhagwadgita. This book contains the quintessential teaching of Bhagwadgita as explained by Krishna-realized saint and scholar Swami Ramsukhdasji in his immortal Gita commentary “Sadhak Sanjeevani”. “Bhagwadgita bhavarth” in Hindi is attached herewith. If you wish you can read this book directly on our website “Gita Sanjeevani” or else download it and read it according to your own schedule.

2. By listening to Bhagwadgita-

You can understand Bhagwadgita by listening to its recorded explanation on our audio-CDs. This set of two CDs contains the live recording of Bhagwadgita classes in the actual chapter-sequence as taught to the strivers over one year course. The 2 CDs set of 42 hours duration is attached here. You can listen to them on this website or you can obtain the CDs from us. An order of minimum 4 sets having 8 CDs (costing Rs.200 + Rs.50/- courier charges within India) will be honoured by us. Another listening option is that we periodically post 4-5 shlokas of Bhagwadgita on audio-visual media which require only about 5 minutes of your time.

3. Through attending classes-

We are teaching Bhagwadgita through a course of one year duration. Gita strivers attend Gita classes of 2 hours held once a week. This course is conducted on very scientific basis, the curriculum is followed with method and regularity. After the completion of each chapter, assignments are distributed to the strivers to help check out their progress in understanding. Written examination on Gita is held in four stages. The course is at present conducted on no-fee basis, however a nominal amount of Rs.850/- is charged at the time of registration for the entire course. In one or another way this fee is refunded to the strivers during or after the course. On registration each striver receives study material worth Rs.350/- (one Bhagwadgita Bhavarth + 5 CDs sets). Subsequently those strivers whose class attendance is 75% or more and who clear (35% marks) even one stage exam (out of four stages) receive the remainder Rs.500/- of their money entrusted to us. In each stage exam at least three positions are awarded with attractive prizes.