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Why do most people not read or understand Bhagavad Gita?

Hare Krishna !!

With respect to Bhagavad Gita, there are three main reasons –

Why do most people not read or understand Bhagavad Gita?

There are three main reasons for it.

  1. There is very little promotion of Bhagavad Gita in the society.
  2. People either do not see significant positive changes in the people who have read Bhagavad Gita or the preaching that these people (who have read Gita) give to other people in respect of Gita is very different from the existing belief system of people in general- it is so different that they regard it only as theoretical and not practical to adopt it.
  3. So called great people of society profess values which are contrary to those preached in Bhagavad Gita; hence people are generally averse to understanding Gita. Gita says: general people follow the example of great people, they follow the standards set by them. So called Great people include leaders (netas), people holding top post in organizations, academicians and persons with abundant wealth.

The next question arises:

What needs to be done to cause quantum jump in the number of people becoming interested in reading or understanding concepts given in Gita?

Ideally, the problem should be handled at all the three levels mentioned above. But asking great people to talk about Gita without general public first getting interested in concepts of Gita is not a feasible approach.

Leaders have a Grasp over the nerves of people and they only talk about that in which the people are interested. When they get elected, in order to remain accepted by the people they work only on those fronts which are in the general interest of people, even though they may be contrary to actual growth of the people.

Wish to Understand Bhagavad gita and how it can change your life?

Earlier when there was all round prosperity and peace in the society main task of the king (leaders) was to impress upon the people their goal of life and focus on those values which would lead to the attainment of their goal. Since these values are best described by God Himself the King’s main focus was on motivating people towards God and leading them to understand these values and ultimately attain goal of life.

Today these Great people don’t even take the name of God in what they say either in public or in classroom or in any other forum.

Then what’s the way out?


Firstly, We need to promote Bhagavad Gita on a mass scale. Presently, there is most insignificant promotion of Gita.

Let’s take the example of campaign of educating women- massive promotion was launched for ‘Beti Bachao Beti padhao’ ( educate the daughter to save her).

Great leaders are not even averse of talking about this topic. Despite that look at the massive campaign which is still in progress on this; then we can imagine the scale of promotion that is required for Gita where the value system,  being advocated (in Gita) is contrary to the existing belief system. The silver lining is that lot of people have faith in God and that needs to be capitalised in our promotional plans.

Secondly, it should be amply emphasized on people involved in understanding Gita concepts to go all out in promoting gita. They should be told that others are all the time looking at them for their behaviour;  so in order to succeed in their promotion they should constantly work for bringing positive change in their own personality. It doesn’t mean that they would not start promoting Gita before that positive change comes about.

With these changes a day would come when leaders would start start talking about Gita and from there on there would be exponential increase in the number of people getting interested in reading and understanding Bhagavad Gita.

Hare Krishna !! 

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Thanks, Great work, please keep writing. I began my Gita Quest with the same question

Thank you for the motivation. Really appreciated.

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