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The secret science of Karma Yoga

Hare Krishna !!

Karma yoga and Gita, is a unique gift to the whole world and to the human beings by which a creature can cause benefit to himself, his family, society and the entire world.

Karma Yoga is that secret science, which Lord Krishna has described in Srimad BhagavadGita.

There is no religion or scripture in the world where Karmayoga is so described as is described in Bhagwadgita.

Every creature has to perform actions, no human being can live without performing actions. (३.५) 

It can also be said that there is a force of doing karma in all human beings and this force is inherent in our nature due to the impressions caused by actions of previous birth. Freedom from desires cannot enter our life till this force of doing karma is completely quietened. (३.४)

Lord Krishna explains such a unique style of performing karma by which simple actions, whether they are related to our family or to our job or business, could lead us to our union with God, i.e. we can attain equanimity while living, achieve that ultimate bliss and peace, which not just human beings but also the entire world is attempting to find but so far they all have been unsuccessful.

For this we must first understand that human life is a unique gift of God. It is a unique work of God which cannot be compared to any other life form on this earth.

सब मम प्रिय सब मम उपजाए
सबसे अधिक मनुज मोहे भाये 

That is, to underestimate human life is really an insult to the self. When we set a goal of the attaining that Supreme Divine entity in this rare human life, all the actions performed by mind, speech and activities become same. Falsehood and hypocrisy starts disappearing from life. It is very important that our mind and speech be the same. (३.६)

Lord Shri Krishna says – Arjuna! If you perform the duty for yajna, (the yajna, means working for the benefit of all the creatures or for the benefit of others which is completely devoid of selfishness), then you remain liberated even while doing the work. (३.९)

Lord Shri Krishna says that a person, who performs karma for yajna, even while being engaged in actions day and night, easily crosses this ocean of birth and death.

This entire creation is the altar of Yajna and our body, actions are the material for performing this yajna.

Wish to Understand Bhagavad gita and how it can change your life?

God has caused the creation in such a way that our lives are dependent on each other. If we live in mutual companionship, protect the right of another by performing our duties, then the right to self remains naturally protected, nature also fulfills all the needs of the living beings. Whatever substance and power we have got, are meant to be offered in the holy sacrifice of creation which will lead to the all round development of the whole world.

If we understand this mystery of the world cycle, then harmony, love and peace will be established in the whole world.

Every particle of the universe is connected to each other, actions and attitude of every creature have an effect on each other, whether it is less or more.

We get manifold of what we give to the creation or nature. Because God is present in every particle, so it is humanity to understand this cycle of the creation and continue to continuously perform our duty for the welfare of others. (३.१९)

One who does not understand this is a sinner and his life is meaningless. (३.१६)  

All human beings should live their life practicing Karma Yoga so that other people take inspiration from it.

We do not become cause of others fall-down by our conduct; Lord Krishna says that he himself remains engaged in performing duties or in religious practices, because people will behave in the similar fashion after seeing him.

Lord Shri Krishna says that believing in that infinite power, without desiring any fruits and having any worries if we keep on performing our actions, we would get liberated from bondage of all the karmas. One could follow this preaching of Lord Krishna no matter what his caste (or varna) be.

For this, we should not be governed by attachment and malice hidden in our senses. (३.३४)

We should follow our religion according to what Lord Krishna has said. (३.३५)

God has given us birth in whatever country, caste, varna or in a particular situation , that is according to our previous deeds. We cannot change our parents. By following our own religion from where ever we are, we can attain the God; because no task is too small.

The God can be attained only by great deeds—there is absolutely no truth in it.

According to the attitude, determination and objective with which we perform an action the form of karma is decided.

Lord Krishna has said that desire is the root of all sins. (३.३७)

If the desire is there for our body and our own happiness, it causes our downfall, but if it is for the family, country and society, then it is for our benefit, and a means to get rid of our selfish desires.

The simplest way to eradicate material desire is Karma Yoga, that is, if we serve others without expecting anything in return, with the material and opportunity provided by God, then we feel a special pleasure. There is no other way to end the material desires.

The scriptures tell the story of King Yayati, who, after enjoying for thousands of years, could not contain his lust, he even took the youth of his youngest son.

Even after that, his lust could not be satisfied. 

Lord Krishna says that, Arjuna! Desires are never satisfied by material enjoyments, instead they increase further. The only way to end the desires is to- 

  • Develop a complete faith on Krishna’s words and having firm belief within us we follow the path of Karma Yoga. 
  • As soon as we firmly determine, recognize the importance of self, our mind, senses and intellect start working according to our determination.
  • We are the lord of our mind and intellect, not their slaves; as soon as we get a glimpse of this nature of ours, we can regulate this entire body and senses and achieve the supreme joy of human life.

Hare Krishna !!

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